Hippocrates Health Institute Costs

by Hippocrates Health Educator

What is the total cost of doing the Hippocrates Program and what other costs are involved besides the tuition?

The tuition fee is most often the largest cost of doing the Program. If you would like to get a rate sheet, please register at our Hippocrates Institute Concierge site by clicking here.

As part of your decision to go to Hippocrates Institute you must plan for additional costs beyond the tuition cost of the 3-Week Program.

There are two main areas where you will likely spend additional funds while you are completing the 3-Week Program.

They are: additional therapies/treatments, and supplements.

Before I talk about the area of additional therapies/treatments you need to be aware of something that Brian Clement has repeatedly explained as it relates to them.

The Hippocrates Program is sufficient by itself to provide its wonderful benefits to anyone that completes it.

Throughout the years Brian Clement has discovered cutting-edge therapies and treatments that accelerate and boost the results everyone gets from the Hippocrates Program.

And he has incorporated them into the core program because there are some guests for whom these secondary therapies can provide badly needed speed and boost to the benefits they require.

This is all determined on a case-by-case basis when you meet with the Registered Nurses at the Institute to look over your blood exams and medical history at the beginning of your 3-Week Program.

They may very likely suggest some additional therapies for your specific situation.

Don’t expect a sales pitch, or any pressure.

You’ll simply be informed of the availability of a particular therapy or group of therapies, how it relates to your situation, and that will be the end of it.

You can ask as many questions as you want, and no one will be chasing you to spend additional money in any of these extra therapies.

I have done the Program 4-5 times with groups I lead and I always observe a great deal of integrity and caring from all the staff in this regard.

There is no selling pressure regarding anything that may require additional spending on your part.

You learn about all these additional protocols available to you and it’s totally up to you whether or not you invest any of your additional funds on them.

And remember, as I have personally witnessed Brian Clement explain to guests who ask a question about these additional therapies:

They are not necessary for you to get the benefit of the program you are already paying for.

They are simply tools to speed up or boost the benefits you will get from the living foods program and all the other protocols that come with it.

As for how much additional money you can expect to spend in this area, it’s completely up to you.

That is a choice you will make when you are there, presented with the information that pertains specifically to you.

You may also want to indulge in some additional massages beyond the 1-per-week that is included in the program fee.

Just be aware that you will be making choices whether to invest more money in this area when you are there going through the program. Trust yourself that you will make the right choices.

The second area in which you can expect to invest additional cash beyond your tuition is supplements.

I can tell you that historically this is a subject that I had deliberately shut out of my life in the past, before knowing what I now know thanks to the Hippocrates Program.

I’ve never trusted the supplements industry. To me they have always appeared as bunch of snake oil salesmen.

And it turns out that more than 90% of that industry is just that.

So I never took any kind of vitamins or supplements and I’m glad I didn’t.

After understanding supplements from the perspective of the Hippocrates Lifestyle, though, that has changed.

Besides understanding nutrition as I now do thanks to the Hippocrates Institute, I also understand supplementation enough to confidently make choices for myself.

And you will too.

There are 3 ways you will become knowledgeable about this subject:

  1. The lectures you attend during your 3 weeks will invariably cover this subject.
  2. You can also purchase Brian’s book on supplements while you are at the Institute.
  3. You can listen to a 3-hour interview my husband and I did with Brian exclusively on supplements. You will find that interview here.

Bottom line: we need supplements. The right kind of supplements.

And as you will be able to ascertain for yourself, the supplements that are formulated by Anna Maria and Brian Clement are some of the best in this field of raw, vegan nutrition.

I take them to this day and plan to take them for as long as I am around this planet.

You will understand why when you complete the Hippocrates Program.

And this is the second are of additional expenditure that you will need to consider.

On average you can estimate to spend between $500 – $700 for supplements.

For some people it may be less, say around $250.

For others it may be more.

If you name me as your referring guest, you will receive from me, as a FREE bonus, $250 worth of digestive enzyme supplements. There is no additional charge for you to name me as your referring agent, and to find out all the details of how that works go here to our Hippocrates Health Institute Concierge site.


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