by Hippocrates Health Educator

My name is Cindy Soto. I am a Certified Hippocrates Health Educator. I work with my husband Pedro Soto, who is certified in plant-based nutrition by the T.  Colin Campbell Foundation in partnership with eCornell.

Cindy and Pedro Cindy and Pedro

Together we created this site to teach the Hippocrates health lifestyle which we have been living with our family since 2007.

Our raw food journey goes much farther back to January of 2003… There was so much we didn’t know, and we were taught that it was okay to eat all the fruit we want because this is “natural”. Well, we developed hypoglycemia, and actually went back to a more standard diet because we didn’t feel good.

When we implemented and mastered a living foods, raw food, enzyme-rich diet low in sugar, all that changed. Now we have the energy and authentic health we’ve been searching for all these years.

Having found the “secret” to true health and energy, we created this site to teach about this incredible lifestyle, intending  that while helping you with your health will also help the planet.

You’ll find hundreds of articles on just about everything having to do with the Hippocrates Health Lifestyle. These articles are derived from interviews we have done with Brian Clement, co-Director of Hippocrates Health Institute.

We also draw from other experts around the web that we find to be reliable in the material they are teaching.

And if for any reason now is not the right time for you to attend the Institute, but you still want to start a program to bring in the power of raw foods into your life, from the comfort of your home, I suggest you take a look at this program where you can get a FREE Raw Food 101 e-course by clicking here now.

So you can trust that the information you find in our blog is reliable as to its effectiveness in promoting healthy living.

We’re here to help you help yourself.


  • hiplifestyle

    Research I have seen indicates that oil does indeed affect the epithelial cells in the lining of the arteries and cause them to loose their flexibility. But Hippocrates does serve some oil in their program.

    We are going to be interviewing Brian clement soon. That’s a good question to ask him.

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  • Andrew Batkin

    Hi, I was wondering what the deal with oil is?  I just saw forksoverknives and read alot of stuff saying oil damages the lining of the arteries and is a disaster.  Does Hippocrates have a different stance on oil or are the effects different on a raw diet as I know they use it?

  • Asiebolds

    Not so much.  I can’t eat apples, strawberries, peaches, plums, cherries, pineapple, carrots, celery, sprouts,some tomatoes, soy, and some nuts.  I am wondering if there is anyone else who has exprienced this or knows what is causeing it.

  • Anonymous

    Is your raw food diet high in fruit?

  • Asiebolds

    I am wondering if you can help me, I have what seems to be an allergy to many raw foods.  I believe it is the enzymes because if the food is cooked or frozen I do not get swollen lips and gums.  I also have arthritis, high innflammaion levels, thick blood, and bunch of other wierd things.  I am 26.  I want to eat more raw foods but not sure if the reaction is unhealthy for me.

  • Dee

    How can we reach someone to discuss your program? Is there a phone number available?
    Thank you,

  • hiplifestyle

    There is a lot of information on this site about lifestyle and how people can lower their blood pressure by changing what they eat. It would be great if you could find a way to send your son to Hippocrates.

  • connie

    Dear Cindy

    My son 18 years old and has been on highblood pressure pills ,both kiddneys are enlarged and have multiple cysits on them. we live in canada is there any information to help him.

    Thank you Connie

  • http://twitter.com/nathanbatalion Nathan Batalion

    Cindy and Pedro: I wanted to listen to the recording of Michael about growing sprouts but there is no button on this page to do so http://www.hippocrateshealthlifestyle.com/270/hippocrates-health-institute-michael-bergonzi/ Can you help me with this. Please respond at

    batalionn@gmail.com. Thanks a mil. Nathan

  • Glen Kirkby

    Hi Cindy

    I am not sure where to post this question, so I\’ll do it here in hopes that it is appropriate. I am trying to addopt the Hipocrates diet as closely as I can, but I am currently struggling with it. This is partly due to the fact that I don\’t know explicitly what you eat. I am aiming to drop all fruit from my diet on the Hippocrates recommendations, but I am lost for want of fulfillment. Would you be able to elaborate on how you make your salads tasty, or what else you eat besides sprouts and juices ?

    I noticed that a dressing that was listed as a Hipocrates one used Braggs Amino\’s, which from my own understanding is based on Soy, and includes salt as an inherent product of its production. I have read some fairly convincing testimonies as to its toxicity, so I am confused as to how this has come to be used. Would you be able to tell me what kinds of nuts ( if any ) that you sprout and eat, and how much of these and any other fats that you consume ?

    Any help would be… VERY helpfull :)