AMAS Cancer Test, Blood Test for Cancer: Is It Accurate?

by Hippocrates Health Educator

Is the AMAs cancer test – a blood test for cancer – accurate? This was a question in our recent interview with Dr. Brian Clement, Director of Hippocrates Institute.

He explained that in many cases, the AMAS cancer test was spot on, but over the years he’s had enough bad experiences with people who were told they had cancer that didn’t or that they didn’t have it when they actually did.

After more definitive diagnoses, they learned that the original diagnosis based on the AMAS cancer test, a blood test for cancer, was plain wrong.

He went on to say that although he is not an expert in this area, it may not be the AMAS cancer test, but the inadequacy of the interpreters, the physicians who are looking at the data.

The next level of diagnosis, when we take the human part out, may be a much more effective way to diagnose.

The problem is the very barbaric way we do the testing now – by putting needles into the suspected area – has an extraordinary potentiality to spread the disease if the person does have one.

I’m taking one more group this year to Hippocrates: Sept. 27, you can hear from some of our previous participants in Hippocrates groups.

Listen to Brian’s answer on the short video below and please leave me your comment.

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