Hippocrates Center: Budwig Diet a Dangerous Dairy Diet?

by Hippocrates Health Educator

A guest asked Hippocrates Health Institute Director Dr. Brian Clement if the Budwig diet is dangerous because of the dairy in the diet. She felt the benefits of flaxseed oil (a part of the Budwig diet) are great.

This question was raised on a live call where I was interviewing the Hippocrates Center director. I’ll summarize his response for you and encourage you to watch the video for yourself.

He starts with the history that in the 1930s or 1940s Joanna Budwig gave a lecture on what has become known as the Budwig diet.

  1. The Budwig diet as she presented it (he has read the transcript of the speech she gave) was nothing more than a theory. She said it herself that she was not sure it worked as it had not been subjected to trials.
  2. We have learned a lot since the 1940s about what’s good for you with cancer and what’s not good for you with cancer. When Dr. Brian Clement began his work 4 decades ago, they didn’t even know that sugar fed cancer, sugar and cancer cannot be together. Wisely, the Hippocrates Center took out all forms of sugar out of everyone’s diet who had cancer; including fruits, carrot juice, beet juice, etc. Remember this: sugar and cancer cannot be together. Since then they have had many, many, many, many, many more thousands of people recover from cancer than would have if they were still feeding the cancer with sugar.
  3. We have also learned that the #1 dietary cause of growing cancer tumors is dairy. It does not matter if it is raw organic dairy or homogenized: they all have casein.

Casein has been found by the greatest scientists in history, not only the ones living today, in history, to be the #1 cause of growing tumors.

The Hippocrates Center has had no dairy for 53 years, and they have had more people recover from cancer than any organization on planet earth.

This part is simple, not always easy to do: no dairy and no sugar. That is the position of the Hippocrates Center and the easiest way to break the habit is to attend the Hippocrates program.

In defense of Joanna Budwig, he also mentions that she was totally correct on the benefits of flaxseed. He explains that Europeans like his wife have long understood the amazing benefits of flaxseed.

Watch the video and leave me  your comments.

  • hiplifestyle

    The Hippocrates Health lifestyle has been very successful in dealing with ovarian cancer and cancers of all kinds. Invite your friend to peruse this site and use the search function to research it for herself.

  • Nancy Foley

    So has your mother recovered from ovarian cancer? I have a friend facing decisions regarding this. Please reply ASAP

  • malikha

    Concerning Johanna Budwig and the Budwig Protocol. I think you do cancer patients a real disservice by discounting this protocol. There are many thousands of people who have made complete recoveries from various types of cancer using her methods. She herself (while alive) nursed people from their death beds when allopathic medicine had given up on them. There is very specific science which absolutely supports this, and was/ is not just a theory. There is currently a large community of people all over the world following her protocol many of which are having great successes including my mother who was a year ago diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. The amount of casein (from the dairy) falls below the 5% mark and has very beneficial effects when combined properly. But it is the complete protocol not just the flaxseed oil that works. I encourage people to research her and her books \"the oil protein diet\" being the main bible for people on the protocol. I have found that there is a lot of misinformation on the web.

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