Preventing Thyroid Conditions, Getting Off Cytomel and Synthroid

by Hippocrates Health Educator

To prevent thyroid conditions and remain healthy with normal thyroid levels, you need to be aware of several factors.

First, that thyroid conditions and thyroid disorders are caused by environmental estrogens and that is why they are so prevalent in women. The obvious sources are pesticides, fungicides, herbicides…

The less obvious environmental toxins come from polyester clothes, man-made fibers, chemicals in our water, pollutants in the air, etc.

The body recognizes these as estrogens. Because estrogen is a hormone, it takes the hormonally sensitive and hormonally active gland – the thyroid – and starts to overwork it.

The Hippocrates Health Institute not only includes the Hippocrates diet – the most nutritious and cleanest way to eat – it also teaches people to wear natural underwear, exercise, do far infrared saunas, drink adequate amounts of water daily…

Dr. Brian Clement speaks about a product for the thyroid, Pinnacle. Not everyone will heal the thyroid with the Hippocrates health lifestyle, the thyroid conditions may be too long-standing.

But the goal is to get people off the most vile thyroid medication – cytomel and synthroid (synthroid causes cardiovascular conditions and cancer) – and move you to more herb-based medicine.

Females have more problems with thyroid disorders because we have more hormones. After all, we give life to a human being. By adopting the Hippocrates health lifestyle early, we can avoid thyroid conditions and live a longer and healthier life.

Watch the video and leave me your comments.

  • Toni

     Hi Connie, I took Thyrogold bovine thyroid for over a year – 1 500mg tablet a day.  I lost 10 kg during that time and recently when I had a test I had very high Reverse T3.  Did you lose weight?  How many miligrams are you on?  I am now taking Erfa and putting on a little weight every day….. hope not too much…. lol

  • Anonymous

    Adopting a living foods diet will help you towards that goal. Best place to experience it and learn how to implement it is at Hippocrates Health Institute.

  • sreenivas361
  • Alison

    This makes sense to me about the environmental toxins causing thyroid disorders.
    I had a severe attack of hyperthyroid symptoms last year, culminating in several “thyroid storms” where my thyroid went into overdrive and I had severely high temperatures and heart rate, hair falling out etc. I went on medication for this which unfortunately made my thyroid underactive and I have put on a lot of weight, and so now I am trying to deal with this.
    I eventually saw an endocrynologist who told me he believed the hyperthyroid condition was acute and would disappear in time, like a short term attack causing the high temperatures etc, and so he took me off the thyroid-suppressing drugs and asked me to be patient as he believed things would even out without drugs. He was right, and now I am not on drugs, but I am just now trying to deal with the excess weight I gained.
    However, what this is all leading to is: why did I have this acute attack of my thyroid, whereby it started to go haywire and become so overactive to the degree that I had thyroid storms?
    What I do know happened, on thinking back on events is: 3 days previous to starting my symptoms I was cleaning out a house I own after tenants had moved out. They hadn't cleaned their stove in years, so I had to spend all day cleaning it with oven-cleaner. I was using a highly toxic chemical spray on the cooker to dissolve the old fat and black gunge. I remember accidentally breathing it in, and also dealing with all the thick black goo from this oven, which probably had lots of residue of teflon and other materials within it as well as the oven cleaner agent. I actually felt quite sick during this, as some of it went into my throat when I breathed in (it was an aerosol can spray I was using). All I remember is, this first thyroid storm occurred within hours of this, that evening. My temperature soared over 102 degrees, I was sweating uncontrollably, and my heart rate skyrocketed. I thought I had a fever or flu, but after a week of this I found I had a hyperthyroid condition.
    Since then I have read many articles about teflon coated pans and cooking implements causing thyroid trouble, especially when the pans and pots are old and the teflon coating is flaking off into your food when you cook. Inspecting my own pans also revealed this.
    I also believe a lot of this stuff was in that stove when I cleaned it, and that I breathed it in along with the oven cleaner which was just poison.
    Probably all this catalysed my reaction, and no doubt I also already had plenty of toxins built up in my body from other sources including my flaking teflon-coated kitchenware.

    I am going to endeavour to do a detox, and investigate this program I am only just finding out about here on this website.
    Kind regards,
    From Wales, UK

  • Hippocrates Health Educator

    Hi Janice,
    I am not a medical doctor – just so you know, so this is not medical advice.

    But if you listened to the video above, Dr. Brian Clement said that in 8 out of 10 cases people can get off synthroid to what he calls a less vile medication, and then finally to a Chinese alternative (what I understand from what he said is that they are not pharmaceutical drugs).

    For your other question, the Hippocrates health lifestyle will absolutely lower your blood pressure. If you are currently eating vegan – no meat (not fish or chicken either) or dairy – you are already taking a big step in that direction.

    It’s great you are moving to more RAW lifestyle! If at some point you can do the 3 week program at Hippocrates with me, you will meet one on one with the doctors there – to look at your blood work and determine a course of action that is tailored specifically for you.

  • Janice Lembo

    I have been on Synthroid for approximately 4 years. I have repeatedly asked my Dr if I could get off of it. He continuously tells me NO. I will be taking it the rest of my life. I would do anything to get off of this and lower my cholesterol. I am in relatively good health but know that I need to change a few more things inmy life. Is it possible to get off of synthroid? Will the Hippocrates lifestyle help lower my cholesterol. I have started (day after Easter) to eat RAW morning and noon and vegetarian cooked in the evening. I just went for a blood test last week and will get the results from my Dr sometime this week. I have had a lot of hair oss and I think itis from the synthroid.

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