Hippocrates Health Institute Dr. Brian Clement Live Part 4

by Hippocrates Health Educator

From Hippocrates Health Institute, here is part 4 of the June 18 call we did with Dr. Brian Clement, where we asked him the questions you submitted ahead of time. He has been the Director of Hippocrates Institute in Florida for the past 35 years.

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In Part 4 of the June 18 live call, Hippocrates Health Institute Director – Dr. Brian Clement – tackles the following questions:

  1. Is it true that sugar feeds cancer? Since the body needs blood glucose and converts everything in the blood to glucose, how does sugar feed cancer?
  2. I am 53 and have osteoarthritis in both hips – osteoarthritis symptoms are that I am very stiff and restricting my activities. For example I love horse riding, but have given it up as well as other exercise. Will the Hippocrates program help me?

Here’s how to get the most out of listening to Brian Clement as he answers these questions. We have cut the call into several parts to make it easier to listen to each part in one sitting.

Listen and take notes, then post what you got out of it in the comment section below.

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  • http://www.hippocratesconcierge.com Hippocrates Health Educator

    Hi Glen,

    Scientists do like to extract things and test them that way, but the point is that sugar is sugar, whether it comes from organic fruit, honey, agave, white sugar, etc.

    I’ve heard Brian make this point many times: that once it is digested and enters the bloodstream there is no difference between all these sugars. And yes, he made the point that lettuce has all the glucose our cells need for fuel, and that the reason that fruit is damaging is because it has been hybridized to the point it is now contains 30 times more sugar: that is a 3000% increase!

    You are welcome to submit a question about the studies you suggest the next time we interview him.

    This can be a difficult thing to change in our lifestyle, particularly when so many of the raw food leaders are telling us it’s ok to eat as much fruit as we want.

    If you are healthy, the Hippocrates diet allows you a couple of pieces of fruit twice a week. No more.

    From my own experience, I can share that I was already a 100% raw food vegan before going to Hippocrates the first time. My blood testing indicated I was pre-diabetic. It made sense to me when I realized I had been consuming tons of fruit – living in Florida we get lots of great organic fruit!

  • Glen Kirkby

    I have a question after listening to this segment.
    I am still unclear as to exactly what effects the consumtion of organic fruit has on us. According to Brian in this clip, seeing as fruit has more sugar than what is contained in a lettuce ( which is apparently all that we need ), and because our pancreas are already disfunctional ( I presume because of a high sugar consumption, natural or otherwise ? ), this eccess sugar then condenses in the blood and allows for mutigens that are present to flourish, i.e cancer and the like.

    As this statement refers to the effects on an already weakened body, I would like to know if there are any studies that have shown that the high sugars contained in organic fruit, that are eaten in the normal way by a healthy body, have any negative effects on us either long or short term ?

    The study that is mentioned by Brian in this audio seems to have taken the subject somewhat out of context to me, seeing as the glucose was extracted manually and injected into the subjects insted of being consumed and passing through the regular digestive processes.

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