Diarrhea Treatment, How Can You Stop Diarrhea on a Raw Vegan Diet?

by Hippocrates Health Educator

The diarrhea treatment described by Hippocrates Health Institute Anna Maria Clement is pretty simple.

She says it should stop diarrhea in about 3 days.

I was asked about diarrhea treatment in a live interview. She says she has seen this many times, people deal with diarrhea when switching to a raw vegan diet like the Hippocrates health lifestyle.

She gives a very simple recipe that will take care of you in 3 days or less. It might surprise you, it involves edible green clay. Listen to Anna Maria:

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  • http://www.secrets-of-longevity-in-humans.com Zak M-K

    Lol, good to know! Probably a good thing to take with you when traveling, especially to other countries where the raw food might be contaminated…

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