Juice Fasting vs Eating Raw Vegetables

by Hippocrates Health Educator

Juice fasting is very similar to eating raw vegetables that you are putting in the juice anyway. So why bother with juice fasting and why is it such a part of the Hippocrates Health lifestyle?

I answered this in a live call where I was interviewed with questions from the people attending the call.

The biggest difference between juice fasting and eating raw vegetables is not the nutrients. They are basically the same except that you are losing some fiber when you create the juice. As long as you are juicing and  not blending and you drink it within 15 minutes, you are getting all the digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals that you would get if you were eating.

I take digestive enzymes and a few other vital nutritional supplements – you can see them and purchase at Hippocrates Health Supplements.

So why juice? The primary reason it is such an important part of the Hippocrates Health lifestyle is that you are giving your digestion a much needed break.

The digestive process is by far the most energy intensive process performed by your body. By juice fasting once a week as I do, you give your body a break from the digestion – and this is important – while taking in the nourishment you need.

If you are fighting an illness, you don’t want to do a complete water fast and deprive yourself of nutrients when you need them. This way you are getting all but a little fiber.

The fasting juice recipes I use all center around the growing sprouts I have ready to go. I use sunflower or pea green sprouts (50%) and then use other green vegetables to improve the taste. The best tasting is organic cucumbers, but I also use organic celery and spring greens and dilute with filtered water.

The primary nutrition is in the sprouts so the other part is mainly to get the green drink to taste good. I don’t add fruit (as I’ve seen many do in smoothies) because this creates poor digestion as fruit and greens do not combine well.

Listen to the video and please leave me your comments.

  • hiplifestyle

    The value of juicing has been proven in two areas:
    1. for people with extremely dysfunctional digestive systems.
    2. healthy people to do it once a week.

    Juicing is never meant to replace chewing. Your points are correct about the sufficiency of chewing. But there are benefits in terms of longevity when a 1-day weekly juice fast is done.

  • Lisette Arana Ocampo

    For me, I will prefer juice for proper digestion, lol. It suits me anyway. But Eating raw vegetables can help also.

    But I guess, proper diet will help also. Thanks for the great post! I find it very informative also.

  • http://www.hippocratesconcierge.com Hippocrates Health Educator

    Hi Wayne,

    I’m so happy you find it helpful. There are now over 120 articles on this site. You can use the search function to check out anything you are interested in. And there are a lot of videos where I interview my mentor, Dr. Brian Clement.

  • Wayne

    Its very hard to find good information on the internet these days i am very impressed with the quality of your content
    I thank you and keep up the good work

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