Blood Clot Treatment Lungs Fastest Way?

by Hippocrates Health Educator

Blood clot treatment for the lungs, what’s the natural fastest way to get rid of it because the doctor says to avoid eating green vegetables.

Brian Clement from Hippocrates Health Institute: Another conversation we must have: vitamin K is a coagulant and when they tested, rightfully so, when they tested in the research community biology, they realized that the chemical supplemental form of vitamin K coagulates, so the last thing you want to do is take a chemical form of vitamin K if you already have blood clots.

Now what they would give in a case like this medically is mostly and anticoagulant like Lipitor. Frankly if you’re not doing everything perfectly right, I would probably think that’s a good idea for somebody as we have to succumb to the fact when someone gets a pacemaker they need an anticoagulant. Like it or not, they do.

But what in the natural field has proven clinically as a blood clot treatment, with research to support it, is the very foul tasting japanese food which is a fermented soy product called Natto. Getting Natto itself or if you go to a good local health store wherever you are in the world and ask for a Natto supplement.

This has history and I’m sure if you went on the web and started to look that up, you’d find it’s an anticoagulant. Obviously you do this in combination with the Hippocrates diet that’s not going to be clogging up your body.

Remember, I’ve known healthy healthy people that live this way, they get blood clots sometimes. And that’s because there may have been the blood clot or the beginnings of the blood clot even before they started to live in a healthy way. It may be in the cases of clots in the brain for example where you have hemorrhaging. That may be genetic, there may be a weakened ventricle system within that area of the anatomy. These things are almost exclusively with people who have lived improperly at least at one point but there are those rare exceptions too.

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