How to Detox from Chemotherapy (Chemo) and tamoxifen

by Hippocrates Health Educator

Racn asks the following, if you had some “must do” suggestions for people to return to a healthier state after chemotherapy, what would they be? And what would you suggest as a substitute for Tamoxifen?

Brian Clement from Hippocrates Health Institute: Chemotherapy, a nuclear medicine, kills approximately one thousand healthy cells for every one cancer cell it kills. So obviously with that said, we have to think about what rebuilds the body in a healthy way, what regains organ strength, bone strength, right down the list…

… and all of that comes from healthy cells.

The most important nutrient is protein. Protein is heads down, hands down, number 1. Of course, it must be easy to digest plant based protein. Top of the list would be blue green algae, green algae, sprouts and the juices of sprouts. Then some of the newer supplemental proteins which also have an anticancer effect called Sun Warrior.

In the upcoming May magazine, spring of 2010, you’re going to see an article where we speak about the anticancer effect of Sun Warrior protein and give you science on it, it goes back several decades.

Number 2 we can’t neglect the vitamins and the minerals, so supplements, whole food supplements would be used along with the raw food Hippocrates diet. Obviously that diet doesn’t include sugars or fruits for people that are recovering from cancer.

If it’s been recent and you weren’t lucky enough to know to take the supplement LifeGive Chemozin and you’ve recently taken chemotherapy, begin taking it and take it for 2 to 3 months after you have chemo.

This supplement was actually put together to help people to take away the bad side effects that chemo renders to the human system. For those of you who are listening that are contemplating chemotherapy, this should be taken shortly before, totally during the time you take chemo, and once again 2 to 3 months after. It helps to rid the bad effects, not in total but in part – the bad effects you have from chemotherapy.

As shocking as it may seem, chemotherapy in some cases is necessitated, there are cases where people have strangulation of organs or a tumor growing so rapidly in an inopportune place. The only thing that would work is the radiation or chemotherapy in those cases. You prefer not doing that and try not to whenever sensibly possible, but there are times you need to.

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