Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) and natural treatment

by Hippocrates Health Educator

Polycystic kidney disease or pkd, what is it and how do you treat it?

First, Brian Clement, Director of Hippocrates Health Institute, describes pkd as an inside cyst, like a pimple, that occurs when the body is not antiseptic or clean enough.

He discusses both the endocrine system and the human lymphatic system and how the body creates the immune system cells.

Filtration of the human lymphatic system occurs through organic sodium, not celtic sea salt or table salt, but what comes through the soil into fruits and vegetables.

While polycystic kidney disease, pkd, is often attributed to genetics; you can heal by cleaning up the lymphatic system.

You do this not only through a rich raw foods diet, but through movement and exercise. He goes on to describe how fathers naturally throw children up in the air and how this acts to move their developing lymphatic systems.

With your stay at the Hippocrates Health Institute, you will also be treated with supplementation that is directed to your needs and electromagnetic therapy that will reduce the cysts. Polycistic kidney disease is dangerous if left unresolved because you can get a great amount of cysts in the area and the organ stops working.

Listen to the audio and please leave me your comments or questions.

  • Erik Lukas

    do you have any stats on PKD people who have gone to hippocrates. I.e. their serum creatinine improved from 2.2 to 1.1… or such??

  • Anonymous

    It is not fatal. I highly recommend adopting a raw, living foods, vegan lifestyle as taught at Hippocrates Institute.

  • Anonymous

    it is not fatal. consider adopting a raw, living foods, vegan diet. the best way to do that is to learn about the Hippocrates Lifestyle.

  • Galepatrice

    Drink 650ml of water in the morning and do not eat for 45 minutes. If you do this every morning your blood pressure will stabilize. This is a Japanese therapy. I have been consistently doing this for 6 months. The results are substantial.

  • hiplifestyle

    Many Canadians go to Hippocrates Institute in Florida as it is the only one of its kind. Perhaps you could send your son with the group I am taking Jan 16th. I have known other young men who have gone to Hippocrates and done very well.

  • connie

    Type your comment here.My son was diagnosed with PKD 2 years ago he is 18 now. Is there any were in canada that can help him cure this disease.

  • Leslie Queen

    I was diagnosed with PKD 10 years ago. I am now experiencing high blood pressure and medicatrion is not working.

    Is there anything I can take to slow down this disease? I am only 52 and I have so much to live for. I know that a low protein, low carb diet is one answer but there must be a better way of handling this disease. I have to countrify myself “diet-wise” and drink plenty of water but are there other things I can do?

    My grateful thanks for your reply…

    Sincerley yours,

    Leslie Queen

  • hiplifestyle

    Hi Shannon, if your mom is in pain, it sounds like she needs medical attention in the short term, in the long-term she can heal herself with lifestyle changes.

  • hiplifestyle

    Hi Shannon, if your mom is in pain, it sounds like she needs medical attention in the short term, in the long-term she can heal herself with lifestyle changes.

  • shannon

    hi, i am only 14 years old an my mother suffers from this, but its getting worse. each time she is in Excruciating pain and sufferers from nausea,fainting,and server cramps. what can i do to help her , i want to take her to hospital, but she wont let me? please help!


  • http://Hyprocatieshealthlifestyle Francisco Natal

    I was diagnosed with PKD a 1 1/2 years ago. I am a 43 year old hispanic male. I am very active in my lifestyle. I exercise regularly and do not drink alcohol or smoke. I would like to get a cure for pkd if possible. I was told oto take Iodine every day to help burst the cysts. Is there any truth to this remedy. Also I currently do a carrot juice, watermelon,Lime and olive oil tonic. I want to continue to have a healthy lifestyle, and if possible get cured from this disease. Thanks Frank

  • http://www.hippocratesconcierge.com Hippocrates Health Educator

    Hippocrates Institute has been around for 50 years and has documented the cases of many people who have healed themselves of all kinds of illnesses. For what they may have specifically on PKD, I would suggest you contact them as I don’t have access to their records.

  • http://www.2ndHalfLifeCoaching.com Richie

    Do you have any documented cases [f people with Polycystic Kidneys who have been cured?
    If not, what is the evidence that your modality is successful in trewatin gPKD?

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